Power Wifi Repeaters

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Power Wifi Repeaters

Super fast data transfer speeds at 300 mbps

Super strong Wi-Fi transmission, up to 100 metres

Dual purpose and set up modes "Repeater Mode" or "Access Point Mode"

Penetrate through internal and external walls

Built in Ethernet port for hard wired connection

Simple set up with video support.

Wi-Fi network security key enabled

Small discreet module that simply plugs into any power point.

Secure Connection

Your Wi-Fi network security key is programmed to limit users to your network

Simple Set Up

Just plug into a power point, press re-set and connect to your device.

Strong Transmissions

Even suitable for extending Wi-Fi to Outbuildings, Garages etc.

The Power Wi-Fi Repeater comes highly recommended by Bexley Telecom to extend your existing Wi-Fi coverage. Delivery is normally between 5-7 days from the time your order is placed. RETURNS: Goods must be returned in original packaging, full refunds will only be given for unopened items. each item is fully tested at the time of manufacture, if goods arrive damaged, they should be returned within 10 days of delivery in order to inspect the damage and then a replacement maybe offered. No refunds will be offered for units subject to misuse. Order Your Power Wi-Fi Repeater online here just £39.99 + P & P: